Elephant Mountain: In browse of the very best view in Taipei, Taiwan

It only took two steps for me to slip as well as hurt (and practically break) an ankle. thinking about exactly how much time it took for me to discover this place, I was absolutely identified to push with with the climb. never mind that I was limping in pain — my clumsy ass be damned — however this was my last evening in Taiwan. nothing was going to stop me from making it a unforgettable one.

It was my second time in Taipei. just three months before this, I had an schedule that the next traveler would follow, including hopping into the fastest elevator trip of my life to the dizzying observatory perched atop Taipei 101. While I had an academic time at the world’s second tallest building, I failed to discover any type of fantastic view of the city. Sure, the view from the top was great, however I felt cold, distant, as well as intimidated. Strangely, looking down was much more frightening than entertaining. getting up close as well as personal with Taipei 101 was a moment for keeps, however when it concerns breathtaking scenery, I was specific somewhere available hides something better.

A quick google browse for the very best view in Taipei led me to the base of the Elephant Mountain. likewise called Xiangshan (象山) as well as Nangang district Hiking Trail, Elephant mountain is located next to the Xinyi buying District. It wasn’t challenging to find. visitors coming from Taipei 101 might reach it after a 15-20-minute leisurely stroll. There are likewise lots of indications along the way. however since we’re desperately dumb as well as geographically challenged, it took me over an hour.

We had much more than my share of getting lost. You understand exactly how people always say, “When in doubt, comply with the crowd?” Well, we did just that. however apparently, the crowd was not bound for Elephant Mountain. We likewise didn’t recognize that the entrance to the path was tucked in a park. (Of course, it was!) as well as when we lastly discovered it, we didn’t recognize we were already taking a look at the begin of the trail. We most likely looked awfully confused when a lady approached us as well as asked where we were going. say thanks to heavens for the beautiful Taipei locals.

They state that the very best time to trip right here is late afternoon, enabling the hiker to reach the top as well as appreciate the view during the day, at sundown, as well as at nightfall. The sun was still shining bright when we left Taipei 101 however it was already dark when we discovered the staired trail. two steps into it, I slipped as well as practically broke an ankle. This view much better be worth it, I muttered in between gasps of exhaustion as well as pain. Thankfully, there were a great deal of resting points along the way. Benches can be discovered throughout the trail, as well as lookout points dot the path.

That’s me, limping my method to the top.

I was expecting to be climbing with a horde of tourists, however I was pleasantly amazed to be alone. A few times, a jogger passed me by, however I was virtually on my own. The stairs were narrow, as well as in spite of the lamp messages illumination the way, they were a bit dim. however nothing dangerous. around 20 minutes later, we discovered ourselves in between huge vandalized boulders that mark the very best viewpoint. two professional photographers were seated comfortably, taking their finest shots. When they were done, I organized on getting onto a rock to take a photo, however my aching foot made it impossible.

Still, in spite of the throbbing pain as well as a series of regrettable events that came before this, it was a moment that I still clearly keep in mind for a great reason. It was the very best view in the city. as well as it was fuckin’ worth it.

View from Elephant Mountain
How to get to Elephant Mountain:

From MRT Xiangshan station (象山), take exit 2 as well as walk along the park. When you hit the end of the road, turn left as well as continue up until you discover the begin of the trail. look for a staircase with an arc overhead.

From Taipei 101, walk along Xinyi road (信義路) up until you reach the MRT Xiangshan Station. From there, comply with the directions above.

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